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Have fun learning to dance

The Children’s Dance Class at Arthur Murray Dance School is a socially interactive dance program for children from 3 to 15 years old. Classes are designed to teach children coordination, posture, social fluency and rhythm while exploring the world of dance. Whether your child is interested in high performance or simply wants to learn to dance in a fun environment, we have a class that will meet your child’s needs.

Parents chose our kid’s dance classes for their kids for a variety of reasons – here are the most popular:

Your child likes to dance, but ballet isn’t quite the best fit: Children can learn to dance in a comfortable and fun environment. If ballet is not “their thing”, maybe Ballroom and Latin is?

Dancing is fun for ALL ages: Ballroom and Latin dancing is a social skill that can be used from school dances and events to professional charities and galas. Why not get started early and allow them to have fun and gain confidence starting at a young age?

Exercise: Do you want to offer your child an activity that is both sportive and artistic? Nothing can compare to learning Tango, Salsa or Swing. They will work their cardio, strength and flexibility all while connecting to music of all types.

Here are some examples of dances we teach:

Tango – The dance of drama! The Tango teaches young and old dancers to move with confidence and sophistication.

Salsa – One of the most popular dances in the world, salsa combines fast movements and passionate music.

Samba – You saw it on TV and your kids can now dance the national dance of Brazil! You want your children develop coordination and train at the same time? Samba is the perfect dance for that.

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