The Origins of Quickstep

The Quickstep is a very classical dance that started in the 1920s. As a quick version of the Foxtrot, the Quickstep is a ballroom dance style composed of extremely fast steps and syncopated foot rhythms. The catchy melodies to which the Quickstep is danced make it suitable for both formal and informal events.

How to Dance Quickstep

Elegant and glamorous, the dancers of Quickstep are energetic while appearing extremely light on their feet. When danced properly, the Quickstep may give the impression that the feet of the dancers barely touch the floor. The upper body posture should be straight and strong through each movement to give it a light and airy appearance. It is also a joyous dance, which makes the practice enjoyable.

Learn the Quickstep

The Quickstep usually follows 4/4 time. The sensation of the base of the Quickstep is slow-quick-quick-slow-quick-quick, with slowdowns and accelerations. Most slow steps are done with the heel, while most of the fast steps are on the soles of the feet.

Quickstep Dance Lessons

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